MF Writing

I’m busy writing my first book!

Stay tuned for updates in 2019!

One of my earliest memories as a creative person is sharing the picture book I made at school with my parents. It was a cardboard bound book covered in textured wallpaper. Each of the handful of pages had three lines for writing my story with blank space to draw a corresponding picture of sophisticated stick figures above. When I got home, I showed it to them in the living room, the special room with the white rug typically reserved for holidays. When they praised my young talent, a spark was ignited.

Since then, I wrote mostly within my diaries, journals, and Books of Everything (as I refer to them). There I captured my deepest truths and darkest thoughts (as well as endless To Do lists).

Until now. After a significant life transition that ultimately led to me founding Mophead Femme, I am documenting my experience, organizing my thoughts, and sharing my story in my first book, The Year After Seven Years: A Queer Story of Break-up & Love. 

The Year After Seven Years is a story about grief, change, and honesty, about coming of age and coming into oneself. It is about a femme exploring her sexuality. It is about a queer break-up that centers love and defies mainstream narratives. It's also about how fucking hard it is to find affordable housing in the Bay Area, too.

Interested in publishing my writing? Let me know!