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Can Femme Invisibility Be a Superpower?

Sometimes, we bypass fighting the villain altogether. We’re above exerting any energy that isn’t spent fostering each other’s femme glory. We’re not even invisible on the bus, at school, or at the bar; we’re off having our own party, eating delicious food, dancing, singing, and praising each other’s highly developed femme aesthetics where they can’t touch us. We use our heightened superpower to build our collective strength.

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Month 1: Femme Visibility

There is no one femme experience of invisibility. Invisibility shifts depending on our gender identity, gender expression, “passing” privilege, size, disabilities, age, culture, race, religion, and location among other factors. Hyper-visiblity, including for some trans and nonbinary femmes, creates its own safety risks. While many femmes face invisibility within and beyond queer community based on people assuming they’re straight, to reduce femmes into queer women who “look” straight creates further invisibility around the complex, expansive identity which is femme.

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