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A Proposed Intention Setting Ritual for the New Year

Over the years I’ve gradually developed an intention setting ritual around the New Years that does a lot to support my growth as a bold, goal-achieving, and happy femme. I frame them as intentions rather than resolutions because I’m not trying to resolve anything. Rather, I intend to focus my energy on what’s most meaningful to me. Focusing in this way allows me to pursue what’s important with my limited time while still having gentle stakes if I don’t reach them fully.

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Month 3: Chosen Holidays

There are no easy answers to the many complex decisions that we must make this time of year. You may still be figuring out your own options, and they may change annually. If you relate to the scenario I’m describing, that your family has expectations that weigh on you heavily despite being toxic, just know that it’s a nearly impossible one to solve. Someone will always lose, so let go of pleasing everyone and that warm, cheery family holidays are realistic.

Let go, too, of that you have to be the one that loses.

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