Walking The Walk: The MF Therapy Blog

This is me walking the walk that I support other femmes with: working through our self-doubt, our insecurity, our imposter syndrome, and our perfectionism. Working through the pull for approval, permission, and waiting for someone else to see how badass we are first. Working through the desire to isolate (our bodies, our feelings, and our thoughts) as a shield against vulnerability. These things that we’ve learned so young and for so long. They’ve protected us dearly. They’ve kept us from being abandoned, from being rejected. We’ve denied ourselves before you could call us too much.

This is me walking the walk: taking up space, using our voices, and leaning into our passions and our creativity. Not waiting until we have everything just so (although I have put a good amount of thought into this). Believing in ourselves. Being gentle with ourselves. Taking the body with us. Working through what comes up in place of pushing through. Centering our whole self rather than outcomes or output.

I’m writing as a femme first, and while blogging is a marketing strategy that boosts search engine optimization (SEO), whatever happens with my writing or with my therapy practice, it is me driving my life work. I was Bri before I became a therapist and I’ll be me if there should be an after.

The struggle is real when it comes to putting my thoughts out there as a therapist. I am often asking what it means to be a therapist. I grew up where therapy stigma (indeed, mental health stigma) is prevalent and change is small and slow, if at all. Going to graduate school and getting licensed was a means to an end; it allowed me to make a formal career out of being a therapist. Truthfully, I’ve always been a therapist. It was how I was raised as a femme. My skills come from growing up carrying the burden of emotional labor for my biological family, doing work on myself to not perpetuate harmful patterns unconsciously, and “coming home” to who I am in my adulthood. Our pasts and our inner critics don’t define us. There is beauty in working through our struggles.

Mophead Femme Therapy is my private practice I started one year ago. In its second year, I’ve decided to develop my work further by blogging here at The MF Therapy Blog and restructuring my Instagram. I want to go deeper into exploring different themes through my own writing as well as sharing the art of others in order to create a platform that positively influences femmes mental health. At its core, it will be a celebration of queer femininity, within community.

Here’s to taking things one step at a time.

What to expect going forward:

  • Each month will have a new theme

  • For each theme there will be two blog posts, one as a kick off and one to wrap it up

  • Throughout each week on Instagram on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays there will be posts under the hashtags

    • #MFTherapyMusings: Food for thought and affirmations to encourage self-reflection

    • #MFTherapyFemmespiration: Reposts, articles, books, podcasts, and music by, for, and about femmes!

    • #MFTherapyUpdate: The latest news for the practice

Stay tuned for the 1st month launching October 1st!